Welcome to the Academic Integrity Review and Support System (AIRS) for Faculty. If you are a student looking for the student portal, find the MyUMGC button on this page: https://www.umgc.edu/login


Please sign in with your UMGC faculty credentials (@faculty.umgc.edu email). If you are logged into UMGC with a different email address (usually @umgc.edu), use an incognito window or different browser to log in with faculty credentials.

Once logged in, browse to the menu option 'OAIA / AIRS'.

For resources and guidance on the academic misconduct process, see the OAIA Resource Page in the Faculty Hub in the Source: OAIA Resource Page

If you encounter issues logging into the system, please email integrity@umgc.edu. If you need technical help once logged in, please use the Help button to get a message to the AIRS development team directly.

Academic Integrity
  1. In accordance with the Board of Regents Policy III–1.00 Policy on Faculty, Student and Institutional Rights and Responsibility for Academic Integrity, approved on November 30, 1989, UMGC endeavors to foster academic integrity throughout the academic community.
  2. UMGC identifies academic integrity as the commitment to certain core values: truth, honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility. 

For your reference, the UMGC policy contains additional definitions and details.